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Class Name 2022 Thai and Vietnamese Banquet (GF)
Class Price $165
Class Date 23/07/22
Class Description A fabulous class with Top Chef Yukiko Anschutz .Learn these dishes full of fresh vibrant flavours and aromatic dressings plus homemade chargrilled beef and peanut sausages perfect for BBQs. Homemade Beef and Peanut Sausage on Betel Leaves with Onion Jam;, Char Grilled Prawn and Zucchini Flower Salad w Hot and Sour Dressing; Aromatic Chicken in Penang Spice Paste w Tamarind and Fresh Coconut; Whole Snapper in Lotus Leaf with Lemongrass, Turmeric and Chilli. Char Grilled Pineapple w rum and coconut syrup. With Chef Yukiko Anschutz MENU NOTES Please note our classes use set ingredients and individual preferences cannot be catered for on the day. You will learn the skills so that you can change our recipes at home. WARNING This particular class contains seafood and nuts and is not suitable for customers with an anaphylactic allergy.
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