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Class Name 2022 Mexican Food Fiesta
Class Price $165
Class Date 23/07/22
Class Description The real deal Mexican class with Chef Genevieve Harris where you learn how to make your own tacos using traditional corn flour and your own Queso fresco cheese!!! Grilled corn seasoned with chilli and cayenne, drizzled with mayonnaise and queso fresco. Queso fresco is a fresh cheese, made in the class, using a blend of cow and goat milk, set with vinegar or lemon/lime juice and served creamy or pressed into a firmer cheese. Mains - Prawn and tequila ceviche SA king prawns ‘cooked’ in tequila and lime juice served with avocado, cucumber, and tomato salsa. Corn tortillas and taco shells Make your own tortillas and taco shells using traditional masa harina corn flour. Chicken fajita- Marinated and then charred chicken, capsicums, and onion served in freshly cooked corn tortillas. Beef mole- Minced beef cooked with tomatoes, spices and finished with dark chocolate to add rich slightly bitter under notes, served in crisp tacos. Red cabbage and pickled jalapeno chilli slaw. Dessert- Mexican milk cake - A light sponge cake soaked in a syrup made from condensed milk, evaporated milk, and cream. Delish! MENU NOTES Please note our classes use set ingredients and individual preferences cannot be catered for on the day. You will learn the skills so that you can change our recipes at home. WARNING This particular class contains seafood and nuts and is not suitable for customers with an anaphylactic allergy. The menu contains gluten and is not suitable for coeliacs.
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