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Class Name 2022 Vegan Adventure
Class Price $165
Class Date 16/01/22
Class Description Taro potato and shiitake mushroom dumpling soup in aromatic vegetarian broth with Asian greens and garlic chips. Stir-fried Thai eggplant with green curry paste and bean sauce; learn how to make green curry paste and stir fry with Thai eggplant and bean sauce. Serve it with sliced chili and Thai basil. Crispy vermicelli rice noodle salad with yam bean, yellow tofu and cashew nuts with spicy tamarind dressing. Stuffed zucchini flower deep fried in coriander paste batter served with lime soy dressing. Very moist Vegan banana cake; made from non-dairy products with banana, palm sugar, pecan nuts and cinnamon. Vegan friendly menu but not gluten free. Chef Yukiko Anschutz. NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.
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