How much?

Most classes are priced between $145 and $165 unless otherwise stated.

How long do classes last?

Classes usually run for about 4 hours and that includes time to sit down and dine on the delicious food. The evening class format tends to vary from the daytime classes to ensure that people have a chance to sample some food early on in the class.

How do I book?

Go to the classes page - moving your mouse over the name of each class shows you the recipes and clicking the link will take you to the one step booking page. You can pay by credit card or use your gift voucher if you've been lucky enough to receive one.

You can also call the office on (08) 8339 1314 to pay over the phone or have any of your queries answered.

Where can I stay nearby?

We now have our own luxury villas right here at our cooking school which can accommodate guests before or after our cooking classes.

What else does Sticky Rice Cooking School offer?

Other than our cooking classes, we offer villa accommodation, gourmet food tours, private and corporate classes.

What happens if I cannot attend a class that is booked?

If you let us know within 5 full working day before the class date then you are entitled to a full cash refund or your voucher will be reinstated.If you cannot give us 5 days notice then the following conditions apply.

Class bookings are like theatre tickets in that the class must go on and will incur the respective costs. We unfortunately cannot accept responsibility for changes in peoples work commitments, itineraries or for sickness but you can of course let someone else of your choice replace you. In general if no one can attend in your place we cannot guarantee a replacement transfer when given less than 5 days notice. What we can do is to remove your booking from the class and wait to see if there are any late bookings that replace you. If a replacement booking is found we will certainly transfer you to another class of your choice.

If there are no replacement bookings before the class date then we offer to put you on a wait list for future late notice cancellations and hopefully still provide you the opportunity to attend a class. This means that you will be notified of cancellations for classes and you can chose to confirm a booking or not. We can offer this service to you free of charge but only for a maximum of 3 notifications after which time your transfer options will expire and there will be no entitlements or refund options available to you.

Please note that if you are cancelling more than 3 places in the class and it is less that 5 days notice then we cannot refund or transfer you.

What do I need to bring?

Nothing. We provide all aprons, knives, utensils etc. for you to use during the duration of the class. Because you will be handling knives and hot liquids please wear closed-in shoes.

Are classes suitable for vegetarians or people with allergies?

We do offer some specific vegetarian classes but most of our classes contain meat and fish dishes. Our Thai class recipes contain fish sauce and nearly all curries have shrimp paste. All our food may contain traces of nuts.

Is lunch or dinner included?

Yes, you will wine and dine on the recipes prepared during the class - plus enjoy it all with complementary wine and beer.