How to season your wok

So you’ve got a nice shiny new wok, time to fine tune it into a precision cooking tool. First of all, wash out the machine oil, get some rock salt, turn your gas up high and cook the salt. Get it smoking, stir the salt around, we want to get the salt into the fine cracks and grooves.

After 10 minutes or so, dump the salt and pour in some cooking oil. Carefully swish the oil around or use a paper towel to smear the oil all over the inner surface. Get it smoking,

Turn off the heat, wipe out the excess oil with a paper towel and allow to cool. Store it as ususal.

Now here’s the key. When you’ve finished cooking with your wok, don’t scrub it clean back to bare metal. Just lightly wash it, scrub off any crusty bits. Dry your wok, put it on a gas jet on high until the water has evaporated. Pour in a small amount of oil and rub it around your wok, remove from heat, allow to cool and store it as usual.

That’s it. This will ensure that your food takes on a nice ‘woky’ flavour.