Adelaide Cooking Classes

An exciting new culinary experience is opening in the Adelaide Hills for lovers of Asian Cooking and Travel.

The Sticky Rice Cooking School is due to open in November 2008 for ‘real’ hands-on cooking classes  in challenging cuisines such as Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Burmese, Nepalese, Laos, Malaysian, Indonesian, Cambodian, Japanese, Moroccan and Lebanese.

Expert instruction is provided by local and visiting chefs who will take you on a fun and entertaining food journey. You will be shown the finer points of how to create great Asian cuisine for yourself and you are guaranteed to take away a wealth of knowledge about the ingredients and cultural background of the food.

Chefs in 2008 include Kelly Lord from the famous Spirit House restaurant and cooking school in Yandina and internationally known master of Indian and vegetarian cuisine Kurma Dasa who has recently been screened on SBS and Foxtel.

Classes will suit competent cooks, work and friendship groups and travellers who have had their taste buds awakened overseas and want to learn how to create authentic and classic Asian dishes at home.

Classes are held weekdays, weekends, and evenings and run for approximately four hours. Your visit includes time to dine on the delicious food and complimentary wine, stock up at the cook-shop and browse the antiques and gifts for sale.

Chef lead Food Tours to Thailand, Vietnam and Laos are also available for the passionate traveller.

The Sticky Rice newsletter contains details of up-coming classes, chef profiles, recipes and how to find the cooking school and make an online booking.
If you would like to receive the Launch Edition of the Sticky Rice Newsletter you can register your details via the newsletterlink on the front page.

Big Buddha Comes To Stirling

Exciting culinary things are happening in Stirling at the moment with the soon to be open Sticky Rice Cooking School. Extensive work has been going on at 96 Old Mt Barker Road to renovate and refurbish the old 1940’s deli and residence into a brand new state of the art hands on cooking school.

Local owners Claire and Mark Fuller have committed a huge investment into the once run down premises, and day by day new life is being breathed into the place with the installation of huge bi-fold windows, oversized entrance doors and a gigantic 2.1 m lava stone Buddha weighing 2 tonnes which has been imported specifically for the cooking school by Iki Furniture at Aldgate and which is due to be crane lifted in to place in early Sep.

Our Big Buddha Arriving

What a day! Our Buddha arrived safely ( weighing 3tonnes not 2 tonnes!). But doesn’t he look great?


Images of the Buddha were produced from the fifth century onwards. The sacred nature of the representation is reflected in the artistic goal of creating an aura of equanimity, perfection, and holiness. The large number of rules governing the execution of a portrayal or a statue require an erudite understanding of Buddhist symbolism. Any Buddha figure made by a skilled artist exhibits a multitude of characteristics that communicate subtle meanings and intentions to the viewer.

About Buddha

Siddhartha Gautama
ca. 563 – ca. 483 BC

Siddhartha Gautama lived in the present-day border area between India and Nepal in the 6th century before Christ; his exact birth date is unknown. Because the life of the historical Buddha is inseparable from legend, the following text is not meant to be a historically exact biography, but a short life story based on what has been passed down by generations.

563 BC – Birth

Siddhartha Gautama is born in Lumbini, near the Nepalese-Indian border to his father, King Suddhodana, ruler of the Sakya tribe, and his mother, Queen Mayadevi. The father gives his son the name of Siddhartha (=the one who obtains success and prosperity), his second name is Gautama (=name of the clan).

Seers predict that Siddhartha will either become a Universal Monarch or a Buddha. Asita, the wisest of the seers, is sure that he will become a Buddha (=one who has supreme knowledge). His mother dies seven days after the birth.

563-547 BC

Siddhartha spends his childhood in the palace of his father at Kapilavastu, Southern Nepal, where he is raised by his aunt Mahaprajapati until the age of seven. In his early childhood, during a ploughing ceremony, Siddhartha makes his first unprecedented spiritual experience, where in the course of meditation he develops the first jhana (=meditative absorption) through concentration.

As a young boy he learns the skills of a warrior, including the technical and athletic skills of man-to-man fight. Siddhartha is trained in spiritual disciplines and becomes proficient in the art of archery.

547 BC

At the early age of sixteen, he marries his beautiful cousin Princess Yasodhara, who is of equal age.

547-533 BC

The young prince spends thirteen more years together with his wife in the royal court of his father. Three palaces are built for him, one for the cold season, one for the hot season, and one for the rainy season. Siddhartha enjoys the lavish court life while his father is trying to screen him from all troubles and worries. A son is born while Siddhartha is in his late twenties.

533 BC – The Four Sights

Despite of the amenities of life, Siddhartha is not satisfied with the mere enjoyment of fleeting pleasures due to his inquiring and contemplative nature. One day, he leaves the palace for an excursion and there he encounters what so far has been purposely veiled from him:

He sees a decrepit old man, a diseased person, a corpse being cremated, and a sadhu (=holy man, hermit). Siddhartha realises that there is old age, sickness, and death, and that people ultimately have little control over their lives. The fourth sight provides the inspiration that leads to a dramatic change in his life.

533 BC – The Renunciation

In the night of his 29th birthday, Siddhartha gives up his life as a prince and secretly leaves the court while everyone is asleep. He travels far and crosses the river Anoma, where he shaves his hair and hands over his princely garments to his groom Channa, with instructions to return them to the palace.

533-528 BC

The Bodhisattva (=future Buddha), who once lived in luxury, becomes a penniless and homeless wanderer. He leads a life of self-mortification and spiritual study, becomes first a disciple of several then famous Brahman teachers, and later attracts his own disciples.

After a long and exhausting period of searching and self-mortification, he finally becomes disillusioned with the Indian caste system, Hindu asceticism, and the religious doctrines of his time. He gives up the ascetic life and loses all of his disciples as a result. Nevertheless, he continues his search for truth through the practice of meditation.

April/May 528 BC – Enlightenment

While meditating under a Bodhi tree in Bodh-Gaya, south of Gaya in the state of Bihar, India, the Bodhisattva experiences the Great Enlightenment, which reveals to him the way of salvation from suffering. He spends seven weeks meditating in the vicinity of the site of the Bodhi tree and attains the status of a fully realised Buddha at the age of 35.

June/July 528 BC – First Sermon

Buddha finds his former five disciples in Benares. In his first sermon he teaches them what will become the gist of Buddhism. Upon hearing it, one of the disciples instantly attains the status of an arhat (=one with enlightened wisdom). This event marks the beginning of the Buddhist teaching and his disciples become the first five members of the sangha (=Buddhist order).

528-527 BC

During a short period of time, Buddha establishes a great reputation in western Hindustan by converting thousands of people to the dhamma (=the Buddhist teaching). People hear the dhamma delivered either by himself, or by the monks of his order. During this time he delivers the fire sermon.

March 527 BC

The Buddha briefly returns to the palace of his father to convert the royal family and ordains many of the Sakya tribe.

523 BC

Four years later Siddhartha’s father, King Suddhodana, dies. Buddha returns to the palace and Mahaprajapati, where Buddha’s aunt -upon meeting Buddha- becomes the first woman to ordain, despite of the protest of some contemporaries. From this moment on women were admitted to the sangha. According to Indian tradition, however, they were separated and under the authority of male monks.

523-483 BC

In the 45 years following his enlightenment, Buddha travels around Northern India to teach the tenets of Buddhism. He is extremely successful and attracts first thousands, then ten thousands, and later hundred thousands of people from all walks of life, who voluntarily decide to follow his teachings, the dhamma. During the monsoon, when travelling becomes difficult due to the weather, Buddha and his close followers interrupt their journey. During these month, monks, as well as laypeople, receive the teachings at a site selected for retreat. One such site is Sravasti in Nepal, which has become very famous since then.

Buddha’s success does not only attract admirers, but also provokes envy and ill will. Several attempts are made on his life, but all of them fail. Although he is being criticised and defamed, this does not affect the popularity of his teaching.

483 BC – Buddha passes into Nirvana

Having achieved the goal of spreading the teaching to the greatest number of people, Buddha dies at the age of eighty years, as a result of food poisoning. He dies in a forest near Kusinagara, Nepal, in the company of his followers reclining on a bed where he speaks his last words: “All compounded things are ephemeral; work diligently on your salvation.” With these words on his lips, he passes into the state of Nirvana.

About Buddhism

The greatest achievement is selflessness.
The greatest worth is self-mastery.
The greatest quality is seeking to serve others.
The greatest precept is continual awareness.
The greatest medicine is the emptiness of everything.
The greatest action is not conforming with the worlds ways.
The greatest magic is transmuting the passions.
The greatest generosity is non-attachment.
The greatest goodness is a peaceful mind.
The greatest patience is humility.
The greatest effort is not concerned with results.
The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.
The greatest wisdom is seeing through appearances.

Atisha (11th century Tibetan Buddhist master)

Cooking Classes in Adelaide- Indulge 17/9/2008

The Cook and The Chef with Kurma

The ABC producers of the TV series The Cook and The Chef will be filming Kurma Dasa during our December Class at the Sticky Rice Cooking School.

The film crew will be there during the Classics From the Subcontinent class on Sat 13th Dec and there are still a few places left for those of you who want to book your spot and be part of this exciting day.

The footage will go to air on March 4th as part of Program 4 in the new series with Simon Bryant and Maggie Beer.

Call our office for bookings 8339 1314

Adelaide Magazine

Up and Running and Receiving Astonishingly Great Reviews.

The Sticky Rice Cooking School opened its doors to customers on 2nd November 2008 when Kelly Lord from the famous Spirit House Restaurant in Queensland kicked off with a series of Asian and Middle Eastern classes including a Taste of Thailand, SE Asian Curries and a Thai Feast for Friends. All classes including the Exotic Moroccan Spice class have met with an exceptionally high standard of customer feedback and in many cases repeat bookings on the day from inspired and impressed food lovers. The feedback has been 100% positive and the classes have far exceeded the expectation of customers. Comments such as ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ ‘Fantastic Experience’  ‘Great attention to details’ and “Exceeded Expectation to Infinity and Beyond” have been received daily from impressed and happy customers.
Owner Claire comments that “customers have really been enjoying the social side of the hands on cooking classes and the restaurant quality food and expert tuition has won the approval of even the most practised cooks, experienced cooking class junkies and discerning food lovers.”
One customer rang after a class and said” I have been cooking Asian food for 20 years, have lived and travelled widely in Thailand, but the banquet I cooked yesterday for a group of friends was better than anything I’ve done before thanks to the class. Kelly lord commented that the difference was due to the understanding of the ingredients rather than just following quantities from a recipe blindly.
The newly renovated and custom designed premises has been a labour of love and from the roadside you will feel immediately drawn to the place when you spot the 3 tonne Buddha statue sitting outside which was imported from Indonesia. On arrival to any one of the classes customers are greeted into a vibrant and culturally stimulating interior where they immediately begin to feel immersed in the spiritual and Zen like appeal of the Asian culture.
The schedule runs like clockwork with the 4 hour classes starting and finishing on time and evening class participants are greeted with a glass of wine and in most cases something to nibble from the evening menu to keep after-work hunger at bay.
Kelly Lord starts his tuition around a large bench in the reception area so that customers can see, taste and smell whilst he explains and explores the key Asian ingredients and seasoning technique used in the cuisine. Useful fact cards and photographs further explain the techniques or processing of ingredients and add another level of understanding for keen students.
Once into the enormous space provided by the impressive cooking school kitchen, customers are greeted by the sight of an abundance of fresh produce and exciting utensils laid out in waiting. Delicious smells waft from the stove tops where the Chef invariably has some homemade stock bubbling away or has been busy preserving lemons or making delicious side dishes such as green paw paw pickle . On the polished Caesar Stone bench tops, eighteen eye catching chef knives glint enticingly from the eighteen wooden chopping blocks.
Customers soon get busy with their preparation and start to execute those culinary techniques all under the watchful eye and guidance of their expert teacher. The chatter of happy cooks increases as people start to relax and enjoy the momentum of the class and a glass of wine during a quick break also adds to the relaxed and social atmosphere.
For owner Claire Fuller it is hard not to be delighted with things so far and she has already published dates for another 30 classes in the 2009 calendar including new Spanish and Middle Eastern menus with Spice Bazaar owner Patrick Aldred and two school holiday Kids classes lead by ABC Adelaide Radio’s gastronomy personality Chef Allie Reynolds. Popular local Chef Ali Seedsman has several very exciting classes scheduled at the school starting on Jan 28th with a Gourmet Asian Seafood class and a Spanish Tapas Class on 11th Feb while Vietnamese chef Trung Van Tran joins the chef list on 11th Jan straight from his recent travels in cultural Vietnam. Australia’s vegetarian guru and internationally known Kurma Dasa is also back at the school on January 24th/25th for two more of his Indian Vegetarian classes.
I’m still looking for more chefs and more class ideas says Claire and because of the strong social aspect to the classes we have been asked to think about a ‘weekender’ class format which would allow participants to share 2 classes together as an opportunity to extend their time with new friends. It’s something for me to work on certainly.”
Despite the temptation to focus on the new year, 2008  has exciting things still to come with Maggie Beer and Simon Bryant’s TV series The Cook and the Chef  lining up to film Kurma Dasa’s Classics from the Subcontinent class at the school on Dec 13th and Kelly Lord returning in December for yet more inspiring Thai classes.  Japanese chef Yukiko Anshutz from the famed Shiki restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Hotel kicks off her Quick and Healthy classes on Dec 28 and Japanese sushi is on the menu on Jan 7th.
2009 will see the school broadcast on the Cook at the Chef on March 4th and the Discover TV series are likely to take an interest after being tipped off by a happy customer but all this fame won’t stop Claire from avoiding the camera and staying focused on the customers, the chefs and the food!
With such great opening success there’s bound to be many delighted food lovers this Christmas who find a Sticky Rice Cooking School Voucher in their stocking!

Listed in Top 3 Hotspots for SA by Adelaide Annual 2009

We have been named as one of the Top 20 Hotspots for 2009 by the Adelaide Annual 2009 as published by the Advertiser recently and we are one of only 3 places listed in SA. This publication is on sale from now until March 2009.

We are listed amongst luxury resorts in Beijing , Hong Kong and Shanghai; amongst Botswana Lodges, Sensational Wildlife experiences in India  and alongside visiting Scotland for the 250th Anniversary of legendary poet Robert Burns!
The listing has come about after two independent freelance journalists visited and participated in classes at the Sticky Rice Cooking School during the first month of opening. I thought that the editorial which was published in the October edition of the Adelaide Magazine and the food shoot with Chef Kelly Lord scheduled to be published in March 09 was great coverage and the most we could expect. When I saw the listing in the Annual I let out a squeal of excitement in the shop!
I am very proud that we have been able to impress people with the product that we have on offer here and I am especially pleased that the customers are enjoying these classes. I am very appreciative of the time that some people have taken to let me know how well we are doing. It really is a pleasure to run these classes. Claire Fuller

Click on the article below to enlarge.

Cooking Classes in Adelaide on TV

Ali Seedsman
         Ali Seedsman and Kurma Dasa                 click to enlarge

Our Class participants on Saturday at Kurma Dasa’s ‘Classics from the Subcontinent Class’ will be screened on the TV show The Cook and The Chef on March 4th. If you want to attend Kurma’s Sunday class this week be quick and book your spot onto the Indian Shared Table class starting at 2pm this Sunday 14th Dec.

Click here for booking details of Sunday’s Class with Kurma

Ali Seedsman as seen in today’s article in the Advertiser’s Indulge section and Yukiko Anschutz have plenty to offer in the calendar at the moment so be sure to have a look.

Click here for the full class calendar

You can’t go past a Sticky Rice Gift Voucher for a great Christmas present and with your voucher you will receive the latest 8 page Newsletter packed full of classes to choose from. All our vouchers are valid for a full 12 months and can be purchased and redeemed online or by phone. It couldn’t be easier!

Click here for online vouchers

To download a copy of our current Newsletter which has the latest news, recipes, chef’s profiles and over 50 classes click here.

The Cook and The Chef filming at Sticky Rice Cooking School

Here is the link to Kurma Dasa’s blog of his weekend with us in December where we were filmed for the TV Series The Cook and The Chef.

I particularly liked his comment about our beautiful new kitchen space being one of the best kitchens he has ever had the pleasure to cook in!

Kurma has more classes in the calendar now at the Sticky Rice Cooking School on Jan 24th and 25th then again in April and June 2009.

The footage will go to air on Wednesday 4th March 6.30pm ABC

The Australian Reviews Sticky Rice Cooking School

The Australain Newspaper journalist Christine McCabe visited our cooking school last year and published this complimentary article about her experience.

Click here for the full review……….

Corporate Cooking Classes in Adelaide

The Sticky Rice Cooking School has successfully marketed their interactive hands on cooking classes to corporate clients for team building and social private classes.

SA Tourism’s Corporate Services team were visitors to the school last October and thoroughly enjoyed a team build day cooking up some delicious Malaysian recipes with Chef Ali Seedsman… event organiser and Manager of the team Andrew Wroniak says

“We found Sticky Rice Cooking School on the SA Tourism Commission’s website We booked it by calling over the phone which was very easy.”

“The food was exceptional and each team member had to help out others in some of the more complicated sections which was the point of a team building exercise.”

“I would like come back again” “we had a great time and the day exceeded many of the staff’s expectations”

Adlab Design and Advertising “had a real ball” at their social get together in Jan 09 when they headed up the hill after work for an evening of Sushi making with Shiki restaurant chef Yukiko Anschutz.

“There wasn’t anyone who was there that didn’t have a great time says organiser of the event Kate Evans” and the quality of the food that came out of that class was overwhelmingly impressive says owner Claire Fuller.

Guests were welcomed in the doors at 5.30pm and offered drinks and nibbles consisting of some freshly cooked crispy Tempura prawns with wasabi and soy dipping sauce and stacked bamboo steamers containing delicious little wonton parcels of pork and shitake mushrooms were temptingly set down before the guests.

While these delicacies were consumed alongside some chilled Adelaide Hills wines, Yukiko started the class by explaining the essential Japanese ingredients and unique seasonings which were handed around to taste smell and touch.

All class members got down to some sushi making mastering a variety of impressive Sushi techniques including California Roll, King Prawn Nigiri sushi, Inside out Roll with Tobiko and Bean Curd Pocket Sushi.

Next on the menu was Chicken Yakitori(Skewers of Glazed Chicken with Teriyaki sauce), and a Japanese broth of ginger and mushrooms. The sit down meal was served with complimentary wine and rounded off by a Tantalising Sake Pannacotta served with Apricot Compote.

A Sticky Rice Cooking Class can be booked to suit your choice of cusine and dates and times can be negotiated. Call the office on 8339 1314 to enquire about private and corporate rates.

Cooking Classes in the Adelaide Hills

We invited Australian Traveller to Experience  one of our classes and here is what they published in their latest edition Feb 2009. Something Sticky In The Hills more…..

Click to enlarge

Simon Bryant and Kurma Dasa ABC 6.30pm March 4th

Remember to watch the Sticky Rice Cooking School on the Cook and the Chef on ABC at 6.30pm on March 4th 2009.

Here is Simon and Kurma with the film crew at the Central Market in December when filming took place.

We have an evening class on that night so I’ll have our TV showing it to students at the School as they chop!

Getaway to Sticky Rice Cooking School

The ‘Buzz’ of the Sticky Rice Cooking School reached the ears of Getaway presenter and Adelaide Hills lover Catriona Rowntree and yesterday her and her Film crew joined owner Claire Fuller at Kelly Lord’s Tastes of Thailand class.

Catriona Rowntree, Kelly Lord and Claire Fuller
Catriona Rowntree, Kelly Lord and Claire Fuller

Arriving in true professional manner with a Sticky Rice ‘Red’ dress on Catriona soon acquainted herself with the friendly group of eager customers who were there on the day.  She was soon adorned in her smart black Sticky Rice apron and chopping boards and knives at the ready it was lights, camera, action!

Catriona’s fun and warm hearted nature and genuine love of people was a magical blend for the day and before long everyone was comfortably chatting and joking about their attempts at knife skills versus Kelly’s.

Time for some sound affects and the Mortar and Pestles were brought into action , ‘The Bigger the Better’ being a tip that amused Catriona!

Hands on for Catriona and the Customers
Hands on for Catriona and the Customers

The Red Curry Paste done it was time for some fiddley Prawn Spring Roll Wonton wrapping, which was made even more challenging by the stop and start camera shots that the producer wanted.  Pick up the prawn now, put the prawn back down, unwrap, re-wrap…”okay its a Wrap!”

Drinks and chat time for everyone at last but don’t eat the Spring Rolls yet!! Close up shots and arty presentation made for a drawn out torture for those who just wanted to taste some of those mouth watering morsels served with a sticky sweet chilli dipping sauce.

Claire tries to explain that the customers are hungry!
Claire tries to explain that the customers are hungry!

On camera Catriona was keen to ask Claire about how the Sticky Rice Cooking School was born from her dream to bring all the elements of great cooking class experiences together with top chefs, real people, inspiring decor and first class teaching and facilities. The result is a place that is alive with a buzz so strong  that customers are coming back time and time again.

The recipe for success it seems is the warmth and humour of a host who welcomes top chefs, real people and eager food lovers into a place that is layered with interesting and cultural stimulus. Simmer with wine for 4 hours in a beautiful 1940’s building and serve top class cuisine in a dining room full of inspiring decorating ideas, overlooking a 3 tonne Buddha! No wonder people are asking for seconds!

The Getaway Team were unobtrusive, professional and effective on the day and Catriona’s and the Producer’s efforts to research and portray the real essence and product offered by the school only served to underpin the shows integrity and success.

Catriona Rowntree and Kelly Lord
Catriona Rowntree and Kelly Lord

A sit down meal of Red Curry of Chicken with Kaffir Lime Leaf and Basil, Thai Beef Salad and Tiny Pearls of Tapioca in Velvety Palm Sugar and Pandan Syrup rounded off the day with a flourish.

Customers enjoy the social dining experience
Customers wait for the top class cuisine to be photographed before being served

A most enjoyable class and fun day for all!

New Spirit House Chef Joins Us

SA fans of the award winning Asian cuisine at the Spirit House in Yandina will be delighted to hear that we will be enjoying regular classes with top chef and cooking school teacher Katrina Ryan, from April 2009.

Katrina Ryan
Katrina Ryan

Katrina Ryan’s profile reads like the who’s who of celebrity chefs and film stars. She is a rare talent and is not only experienced with Thai & Vietnamese cuisine, but also Moroccan, and Mediterranean.
To our delight she has now added the Sticky Rice Cooking School to her list of regular teaching venues and will be joining us and fellow Spirit House Chef Kelly Lord for lots of inspirational classes throughout the rest of 2009.
As former Head Chef in Neil Perry’s famous Rock Pool restaurant and having owned her own successful restaurants, Katrina commenced her cooking career in 1987. She went to work for Neil Perry, first at Bondi Beach’s Blue Water Grill, and then to ‘Rockpool’ for 5 years. Three of those years were as Head Chef, overseeing burgeoning apprentices such as Kylie Kwong.
The arrival of children saw Katrina assisting her husband Mark with the running of their two restaurants, The Pig and the Olives, and several stints working as personal chef to Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise.
A sea change brought the family to Noosa and 5 years ago Katrina found her dream job as a part time teacher at the Spirit House Cooking School. For many years she has written a weekly food column for the Noosa Journal and in 2005-2006 filmed a series of cooking segments at the Spirit House for the TV program ‘Escape with ET’. She continues to teach and lead food tours for the Spirit House in Yandina and to find inspiration from her friend and mentor Thai food expert David Thompson.
Katrina will be visiting every 3 weeks and we will be adding her sensational Spirit House menus into Friday evening and Saturday morning classes. The calendar already shows dates for her first few classes on  May 21/22/23 and June 26/27/28.

Katrina is highly skilled, professional and has a wonderful manner with class participants. Her teaching style is patient, encouraging and engaging and she has taught the greats such as Kylie Kwong a thing or two about Asian Cuisine.
I am more than delighted to welcome Katrina to the list of top chefs which we have teaching at the School and wait with great eagerness to enjoy more sensational Spirit House Food.
For those of you who can’t wait until April, I have good news that Kelly Lord, our other very popular Spirit House Chef, arrives back in Adelaide tomorrow ( Sunday 15th March) to kick off his next set of classes running through March, then again in May and June. Join him for his Tastes of Thailand, Thai Feast For Friends, Chefs Wok, SE Asian Curries or his Moroccan and More Moroccan Classes. Be quick to book!

More Moroccan Classes

Since opening last year there has been an overwhelming demand for Moroccan Classes. The menus we have enjoyed so far include Kelly Lord’s Exotic Moroccan Spice Class with

Hoummus w Ground Lamb & Pine Nuts, Beetroot & Yogurt Salad w Rocket, Moorish skewers of Pork, Tagine of Chicken w Preserved Lemon and Olives, Saffron Rice.

And everyone including owner Claire enjoyed Kelly’s More Moroccan Class with

Middle Eastern Flat breads,Eggplant parsley & yoghurt Salad with Cumin,Preserved lemon couscous, Lamb Targine with Dates, Grilled Swordfish with charmoula spices & lemon.

In addition to these great classes the New Moorish Moroccan Class is now in the calendar starting July with ex Rockpool and Talented Spirit House Teaching Chef Katrina Ryan. Its a warming winter menu of

Spicy lamb shank and lentil soup, Scallop and Prawn Manoushi pizzas with baba ganouj and harissa,Roast Duck with Pomegranate and Walnut sauce,Green beans with tomato and cumin,Crispy Persian rice.

We hope you enjoy all of these great classes.

The Cook and The Chef TV Class on 24th May

Our popular Shiki Restaurant and regular teaching Chef Yukiko Anschutz is just back from Chiang Mai in Thailand and is full of great new class ideas and inspiring foodie facts; so much so that TV series The Cook and the Chef are coming back to Sticky Rice Cooking School to feature Yukiko teaching her new Asian Spice Class.

The filming will take place during her class on Sunday May 24th starting at 2pm and customers planning to come to this class should book early to avoid missing out on the opportunity to see behind the scenes of TV filming.
The ABC show airing on the 8th July 2009 seeks to feature legend Thai Food Chef David Thompson and then a segment filmed at the Sticky Rice Cooking School on why Australians have sustained a love of Thai food and how keen Thai food lovers seek out cooking classes to learn the intricacies of this dynamic and inspiring cuisine. Some interviews with Sticky Rice Customers may be shown on the feature so come along to Yukiko’s new class and enjoy the bonus filming day.

On the day you will be cooking Drunken Noodles, Northern Thai Style Hunglay Curry, Spicy Prawn Skewers, Warm Eggplant Salad with Thai Chili, Galangal and Lemongrass and enjoying your sit down meal with wine at the end.

Click here To book

Postcards Investigates Sticky Rice

An exciting and inspiring cooking journey awaits you at the Sticky Rice Cooking School. See what Amber found when she visited us from Postcards.

Amber from Postcards
Amber's Yellow Curry of Prawn with Kaffir Lime

To view our feature and see inside the school visit the Postcards site by clicking here

TOP Cooking Classes in Adelaide

Kylie Flemming from Adelaide Matters popped in to see the Sticky Rice Cooking School and wanted to know what was causing all the buzz around town. Having recorded a 3000 word interview with owner Claire ( who is somewhat passionate about the school!) it all boiled down to a cooking school that has been designed to marry top quality chefs with passionate cooks who want to up-skill and enjoy a quality food and wine experience in a place that is inspiring in itself. Coming from a background of uninspiring plain Scottish food owner Claire discovered the joys of Asian food and then years later found an immense pleasure in  sharing that knowledge with people from all walks of life. Not content that her customers should learn from Chefs who knew less than her about the subject,  Claire sourced the top experts in Asian and Middle Eastern Cuisine , insisted on a hands-on cooking experience  for all and launched the stunning purpose build cooking school in Stirling to provide year round access to this knowledge.  From a personal journey has come a cooking school which is listed as a Top 3 hot spot for 2009 in SA and rightly so thinks Kylie and customers alike.

Adelaide Matters Reports