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Class name:. Spice Trail 2
Class price:$145
Class date:03/11/18
Class description:An amazing food journey with dishes from Lebanon, India and Turkey which form a a delicious menu. Mantu- These little steamed wonton like dumplings are found all along the Spice Trail from the Balkans through to Tibet and even down to Korea. This recipe from Afghanistan features minced lamb, served with a creamy garlic curd sauce. Baingan Bharta- Eggplant is a common ingredient to all the cuisines in this class and this dish from Pakistan is one of my favourite ways to prepare it. Split and roasted over charcoal until smoky and much of the moisture has evaporated, it is seasoned and spiced. Mujaddra janoubieh- Here in this Lebanese version Burghul wheat is teamed with lentils and chicken stock to make a meal in itself. Chebeh Rubyan- From the Gulf States comes these stuffed Prawn dumplings, closely related to both kibbeh and kofta this dish shares many influences from their neighbours and trading partners. One key difference is that they are braised in a sweet sour sauce based on tamarind rather than regular tomato base. Fesanjan- A classic from the Royal Cuisine of Ancient Persia . This recipe from modern day Iran sees Duck in braised in a rich, subtlety spiced pomegranate and walnut gravy. Yufka- Paper thin flatbreads are the simplest breads of all and whether the romali roti of India, Manoush of Lebanon or this Yufka from Turkey these breads are the perfect wrap. Kachumbar- From India and it has many variations. Its base is ripe sweet tomatoes, onions, crunchy cucumber and green chilli tossed with lime juice and roasted spices. Chef Mark McNamara NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.

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