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Class name:.2017 Travelling Chef
Class price:$155
Class date:14/04/18
Class description:A brand new culinary journey of 6 street food dishes through Vietnam,Thailand,Singapore, Japan,India and Indonesia.This is an exciting journey indeed covering a whole range of techniques and authentic and modern SE Asian flavours which are served as a banquet. From Vietnam spiced minced beef wrapped in betel leaves then barbequed. Served in lettuce cups with fish sauce and lime dipping sauce. From Indonesia marinated spiced flathead wrapped in banana leaf then barbequed until tender. From Thailand prawn omelette cooked with chilli and spring onions. From India roti style bread filled with eggs and spiced chicken. From Japan Chicken yakitori grilled sticky chicken skewers and sushi rice shaped into cubes and grilled with soy sauce. Dessert from Singapore is glutinous rice dumplings filled with palm sugar and rolled in coconut. Led by professional Chef Genevieve Harris. NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.

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