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Class name:2017 Spanish Tapas
Class price:$155
Class date:15/07/17
Class description:A wonderful class of 8 tapas dishes to master. With Chef Gwenael Le Chenadec. 1. Moorish lamb espadas with recado Rojo and Lemon Aioli. Lamb loin skewers marinated in the Recado Rojo grilled and served with a strong roasted garlic and lemon aioli. The Recado Rojo has an south American origin (previous Spanish Colony) and has Annatto seeds, oregano and other spices. 2.Spanish Potato salad with Green olives, oranges, goat cheese and a sherry dressing. 3. Thin Catalan bread with caramelised onion, smoked burnt red capsicums and Garum sauce. The Garun sauce has a Anchovy and black olives base. 4. Spanish Mussels in creamy saffron sauce, garlic and parsley and serves with garlic fried bread. 5. Tortilla Espanola. Runny Spanish omelette with potatoes, capsicums and chorizo. 6. Croquettes: Manchego croquettes with a Sherry vinegar and Quince sauce. 7. Chipirones: small squid stuffed with chorizo meat (or black chorizo) and then deglazed with Pedro Ximenez, tossed through capers and parsley and served with smoky Sofrito sauce. Spiced almond brittle, sweet and spicy crunch of fried almond made with a golden caramel. NB Not suitable for Celiacs or other severe food allergies.

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