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Class name:Tastes of Thailand
Class price:$145
Class date:23/06/12
Class description:King prawn Satays. (Grilled Prawn skewers marinated & served w a spicy satay sauce & a refreshing cucumber pickle.) Sticky pork salad. (Shredded green pawpaw tossed with sweet sticky pork, coriander, mint & cashew nuts dressed with a green chilli & lime Dressing.)Red curry paste Spiced with turmeric.Red curry of duck Slow braised duck Marylands in a spiced red curry infused with lemongrass, kaffir lime & Pineapple. Stir fried chicken w green peppercorns.(Seared chicken strips tossed w snow peas, finely shredded ginger & green pepper corns finished w shallots & coriander.)With Chef Kelly Lord from Spirit House.

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